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What is Restorative Sleep?

It is widely known that sleep is vital to health and well-being, and yet remains one of the great undiscovered realms of scientific research. Sleep’s universal importance is demonstrated by the fact that even the most simple multicellular organisms sleep. But what is sleep? More importantly, what is restorative sleep? The very definition of sleep, “a diminished…

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The Best Sleep Quality Trackers for 2020

Fitness trackers and wearable heart rate monitors have exploded in popularity over the years. But did you know that many trackers can also shed light on your quality of sleep?  The features on the best sleep quality trackers vary, but most of them share common capabilities. Many will track when you fall asleep and when…

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Managing Holiday Stress: How to Avoid a Holiday Freak Out

Tips for Managing Holiday Stress Even in the most fabulously functional of families, the holidays can be a wee bit stressful. That’s because they disrupt our normal schedule. The kids are off from school. The in-laws are in from out of town. The table is set for 22 instead of four. And we didn’t even…

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The Secret for Me: Balancing My Out-of-Sync Circadian Rhythm

How I Balanced an Out-of-Sync Circadian Rhythm I used to battle groggy mornings, sluggish afternoons and sleepless nights. I craved carb-laden sweets, often felt overwhelmed with life’s commitments and dreamed of future moments of downtime to feel refreshed and restored. Little did I know so much of this was due to my out-of-sync circadian rhythm.…

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Natural Sleep Aid Comparison: RestoreZ vs. Melatonin for Sleep

An estimated 10 to 30% of American adults struggle to get to high-quality sleep. Tossing and turning isn’t fun for anyone, which is why many people seek natural sleep aids to fall asleep. For more than 3 million Americans, that solution is melatonin. Melatonin for sleep Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that signals to your body…

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Why Do I Get a Sleeping Pill Hangover?

Why Do I Feel So Terrible after Taking a Sleep Aid? If you’ve ever struggled with a sleep disorder, you have likely tried plenty of solutions to finally get some sleep. From meditation tracks to white noise machines, warm baths to sleepy-time tea, there are plenty of tools designed to help you nod off. But…

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Why You Keep Waking Up at 3 a.m. and What to Do About It

Why Am I Awake at 3 in the Morning? If you drank two pots of coffee right before bed and then find yourself lying awake at 3 a.m., there’s a good bet the caffeine is to blame. But if you keep waking up at 3 a.m. again and again – even when there’s no coffee…

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