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From the Mouths of our Customers

From the Mouths of our Customers

By: Mary Marbach, RestoreZ Chief Executive Officer

As co-founders of RestoreZ, there’s nothing Jennifer and I love more than hearing how effective RestoreZ has been for our customers. We thought we’d share some of the amazing feedback we’ve received lately so you can hear for yourself how real customers are feeling. “Okay, I actually had pillow lines on my face this morning which never happens. After I took Stay Asleep, I actually felt myself relaxing. I woke up a couple of times but just went back to sleep immediately.” --Beth, from Florida “I took RestoreZ last night for the first time. I woke up once at 2:45, but went right back to sleep. No tossing and turning, no thoughts screaming through my head keeping me awake. I woke up again at 5:30 which is my normal wake up time. WOW!” --Teresa, from Virginia We also love it when our customers send us screenshots from their sleep tracking apps, so we can actually see the difference RestoreZ is making in a visual way. Here’s Teresa’s contribution…it’s nothing short of remarkable:
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Before RestoreZ

After RestoreZ

Gillian shared the difference in her sleep from her sleep tracking app which she uses with her Apple Watch. Again, the picture tells the story. Before RestoreZ, Gillian’s sleep was restless 7% of the time, and her restful sleep was only 90% of her sleep time. Additionally, on this day in particular she woke up at 2:43 am and just could not go back to sleep. Now, with RestoreZ, 97% of her sleep is restful and she’s sleeping right up until minutes before her alarm goes off.
RestoreZ Blog From the Mouth of our Customers
Gillian’s sleep, with and without RestoreZ I’ll also share my own story with you. Not to brag, but generally I’ve always been a darn good sleeper. Let’s just say if there were an Olympic sleeping event, I could probably represent the United States proudly! Lately, however, life is interfering with my sleep more. I have a teenage daughter (need I say more?), I am the wife of an overachieving engineer, the owner of three rescue dogs (yep, three) AND as a business owner, I can’t seem to stop thinking about RestoreZ. Every night, no matter what, I started waking up at 3:00 am. Some nights I’d go right back to sleep, other nights I’d be up for a little while and on some particularly annoying nights, I’d never make it back to sleep. Since I’ve started taking RestoreZ Stay Asleep, that 3:00 am wake time is gone and my REM sleep is steady throughout the night. But do you want to hear something even cooler? About a week ago, I went to bed later than usual. I was dealing with some family stuff and when I finally got into bed, I calculated I was only going to get about 6.5 hours to sleep, instead of my normal 8. It happens, right? I expected to be grumpy and tired the next day, but you know what? I wasn’t. And when you look at the graph you can see why…. Even with fewer hours of sleep, I still got the deeply restorative REM sleep I needed. It’s almost like RestoreZ helped me get the most bang for my buck by helping me get the high-return REM sleep I needed to be my best the next day. I would venture to guess, that you have similar stories. I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with RestoreZ. Feel free to email me personally at and if you’ve got screenshots from your sleep apps, send them along! I’d love to see them. --MM