Immunity Sleep Axis

Immunity Sleep Axis
Immunity Sleep Axis
Immunity Sleep Axis
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Patent Pending
GMP & US Manufacturer
Non Habit Forming / Drug Free
Deep Restorative Sleep
Feel A Difference


Optimal Immunity plus Restorative Sleep

Immunity + Sleep.  Deep sleep that can dramatically improve immune health.

Scientific research proves that sleep has a profound impact on your immune system’s ability to respond and adapt to immune challenges.   RestoreZ brings you a powerful immunity + sleep combination product based upon the latest science on the link between sleep and immune function.  Sleep deprivation has been shown to decrease our natural immune response, thereby leaving us vulnerable.

A healthy and synchronized circadian rhythm is a powerful modulator of immunity.  Studies show that immune function may be seriously impaired by inadequate sleep.  RestoreZ Immunity-Sleep Axis provides both immune boosting and sleep enhancing ingredients that are carefully selected to synergistically work together to activate the immunity-sleep axis to strengthen our natural defenses through restorative, deep sleep.

  • OPTIMAL IMMUNE SUPPORT:  Proprietary Circadian Immunity Complex with BerryShield ™ Elderberry and Andrographis paniculata extract, lactoferrin, and alpha lipoic acid is designed to fortify your immune system against seasonal assaults and everyday inflammation.**

  • SLEEP = IMMUNITY MULTIPLIER:  Studies show that no matter what you are doing to protect your health and improve your immunity, your efforts will be multiplied by making sure you get deep, restorative sleep.   A recent study found those who slept five hours or less were 4.5 times more likely to catch a cold than those who regularly got seven hours of shut eye.  Sleep deprivation has been shown to decrease our natural immune response, thereby leaving us more vulnerable to attacks from pathogens.**

  • ADVANCED SLEEP AND CIRCADIAN COMPLEX:   Sleep that comes from having a strong, synchronized circadian rhythm is the kind of sleep that envelopes the body in the deep, restorative sleep that activates the protective, reparative, detoxification, memory storing and immune building processes that are critical to feeling good the next day and maintaining good health in the future. **

  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS:  The key ingredient setting RestoreZ apart from traditional sleeping pills is our proprietary Circadian Timing Blend: a unique formula of herbs, roots, and other plant-based elements chosen for their properties that influence circadian rhythm balance.**

  • BETTER SLEEP PROMISE: RestoreZ proudly stands behind our unique circadian rhythm blends. Each product is designed to help you get the restful and healthy sleep you deserve. If you are not 100% satisfied with one of our products RestoreZ will take care of you risk-free with our better sleep promise money-back guarantee.**

  • BACKED BY RESEARCH: Created as a result of Nobel Prize winning research, RestoreZ products are designed to support your circadian rhythm, resynchronizing your body with its internal clock to achieve more restorative sleep, boost your metabolism and improve your health and wellness overall.**

Try RestoreZ today, risk-free. If for some reason RestoreZ doesn’t meet your expectations, all orders are backed by the RestoreZ Satisfaction Guarantee.



  • Enhanced Immune Support + Deep Restorative Sleep**
  • Create the most advantageous environment to support you optimal immune response**
  • Restore your natural sleeping ability.**
  • Supports circadian balance and synchronization.**
Form: Capsule
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Number of Servings: 30 days
Number of Caplets: 60
Price per Caplet: $0.699
Product Weight: 3 oz.



Take two (2) RestoreZ Immunity-Sleep Axis capsules 30 to 45 minutes before you would like to go to sleep.


Immunity Sleep Axis Supplement Facts

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