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How Much Sleep Do I Need?

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

So many things happen throughout our day and something that we rarely think about is the time we sleep, which can be a problem in the long run.

How Much Time Do I Need to Sleep?

The amount of time you need to sleep changes as you age. Most young people and adults in general, have sleeping issues that, although at the moment it may not seem important, the truth is that as time goes by, this affects our behavior, because tiredness can be constant; to our overall health. And while everyone is different and the number of hours it takes to have a healthy sleeping schedule varies, around 7 hours is usually enough for adults.

What Other Factors Affect the Amount of Time We Sleep?

Apart from age, there are some factors which, regardless of the hours we sleep, may not be enough, for example: 

  • Previous sleep deprivation: If you have this problem, it is expected that you need more hours of sleep, since the amount of time you need for your body to rest increases.
  • Hormonal changes: For example in the case of pregnancy, where apart from hormonal changes there are major physical changes, it is normal for discomfort to cause poor quality of sleep.
  • Sleep quality: You should not only focus on the number of hours you sleep because if these hours are constantly interrupted, the quality of sleep is also lost and you do not rest the way you should.
  • Age: It is true that as we get older we need one or two hours less sleep a day, however, what is just as important no matter our age is the quality of our sleep.

How Do I Know I’m Getting Enough Sleep?

As we mentioned before, if we do not get enough sleep, our body begins to suffer from it in our general health. Also, our own body tells us when we are not resting enough through fatigue and bags under our eyes. Other signals that our body gives us is that we don't feel productive enough throughout our day, we are constantly sleepy, and we depend heavily on caffeine. This is why we must give the necessary importance to the rest of our body and if we have problems we must find ways to solve them; there are many ways to improve sleep.