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Managing Holiday Stress: How to Avoid a Holiday Freak Out

Managing Holiday Stress: How to Avoid a Holiday Freak Out

Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

Even in the most fabulously functional of families, the holidays can be a wee bit stressful. That’s because they disrupt our normal schedule. The kids are off from school. The in-laws are in from out of town. The table is set for 22 instead of four. And we didn’t even get to the gift-buying, turkey-basting, cookie-baking and other activities that come along for the ride. Don’t fret. You got this. You can glide through the holidays with these tips for managing holiday stress. Pro Tip! Scroll to the bottom for a 20% off coupon code for RestoreZ natural sleep supplements!

Get Rid of Expectations

No matter how loving your family, how lovely your decorations, or how long you’ve planned for holiday events, nothing ever goes perfectly. Yes, the holidays are special, but they’re still part of life. And when’s the last time everything in life went perfectly? If you expect things to go perfectly during the holidays and they don’t, you’re going to end up getting upset. That’s because you’ve set yourself up for a fall. But if you eliminate those expectations and simply embrace whatever unfolds, you’re going to have a grand ole time. That’s because you now have nothing to get upset about. Pretty magical, right?

Get Quality Sleep

You’re crazy-busy during the holidays, maybe even busy enough to override your (or your kids') regular bedtime. But skimping on quality sleep will only serve to make you busy and tired. Worse yet: busy, tired, and CRANKY. All that extra-busy running around is going to require more energy than usual, making quality sleep more important than ever. Quality sleep is also a must for keeping your circadian rhythm balanced. Your circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock, also known as your sleep/wake cycle. You need quality sleep to keep it balanced. And you typically need a balanced circadian rhythm to get quality sleep. Bad things can happen when either one is out of whack.

Don’t Take Things Personally

Even if Aunt Martha says something about that cookie dough residue on the wall, or mentions how her Aunt Hagatha used to throw a much better party, don’t take it personally. Aunt Martha’s remarks are a reflection of Aunt Martha – not you. The same applies to any situation you may encounter during the holidays. Remember that people’s remarks and actions are a reflection of their own internal beliefs and issues. They have absolutely nothing to do with you. Cousin Earl isn’t consistently late because he’s out to irk you. Uncle Ted doesn’t spill wine on the tablecloth because he knows you just had it dry cleaned. The dog wasn’t whining to go outside because he can’t stand being in the same room with you. Cousin Earl is just disorganized. Uncle Ted was just being clumsy. And the dog, he honestly had to go outside. You get the idea.

Take Time to Pause

What fun are the holidays if they all race by in one hurly-burly blur? Even though you have tons of tasks on your agenda, take time to pause and enjoy them. Instead of rushing the gingerbread out of the oven and racing upstairs to shower, take a moment to inhale the just-baked gingerbread scent. Rather than quickly scooting your kids out the door to grandma’s house, take a moment to admire their adorable outfits and beaming faces. Managing holiday stress can be as simple as taking quiet moments for yourself throughout the hustle and bustle. Sneak away for a few minutes of soothing meditation. Go for a midday stroll in the snow. Take a luxurious bubble bath. Weaving mindfulness, appreciation, and relaxation into your holiday schedule not only helps decrease stress, but it also helps to increase delight.

Keep Your Circadian Rhythm Balanced

If your body’s internal clock says it’s time to sleep, but you still have two hours of baking left to finish, there’s going to be a struggle. Not only a struggle to stay awake, but a struggle not to scream at the cookie dough. Keeping your circadian rhythm balanced is crucial to reducing overall stress levels, which helps you avoid things like hurling the cookie dough at the wall. Following a consistent sleep/wake schedule is one way to keep it balanced. Getting quality sleep is another. If neither option seems within the earthly realm of possibilities, try a natural sleep supplement like RestoreZ.

Natural Sleep Supplements for Managing Holiday Stress

Keep these tips in mind, and you’re sure to increase the delight of your entire holiday. You’ll be able to go with the flow, take what comes, and enjoy bountiful pockets of peace. You’ll also be getting quality sleep, which always makes the holidays that much sweeter. Remember RestoreZ can help with that last one! RestoreZ natural sleep supplements are specially formulated to help you get the best sleep possible, which helps sync your circadian rhythm, which leads to an overall better sense of well-being. RestoreZ users typically report the full effects of the product set in within a week or two. If you start taking charge of your circadian rhythm today, you'll be in great shape to deal with Aunt Martha. Instead of needing a glass of wine to get through the holidays - you can actually savor it this year!

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