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Mary Marbach on Designing RestoreZ Natural Sleep Aids

Mary Marbach on Designing RestoreZ Natural Sleep Aids

Which RestoreZ Natural Sleep Aids Is Right for Me?

As one of the founders of RestoreZ, I love answering questions about our line of natural sleep aid formulas. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “how do I know which RestoreZ is right for me?” Who were we thinking about when we were developing the different types of RestoreZ sleeping pills? Well, YOU. We developed RestoreZ products specifically for you who have trouble staying asleep, for you who have trouble falling asleep, for you who have trouble getting that deep REM sleep and for you who need a nap in the afternoon.

What Is Fall Asleep

RestoreZ Fall Asleep pills are for those whose primary sleep problem is they just can’t make the transition from wakefulness to sleep. People who struggle with this problem tell me, “I just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. I know I should be asleep, but I just can’t shut my brain down.” Jennifer, our Chief Scientific Officer, is a perfect example of someone who just can’t transition to sleep easily; she has told me stories about being a little kid and lying in bed, knowing that she should go to sleep and simply not being able to. People with this kind of sleep problem tend to be good at clock math… they’re able to look at the clock and calculate how many hours of sleep they could still get, if only they could fall asleep right this minute! We formulated Fall Asleep to help you readily experience that moment of Zen between wakefulness and sleep, that blissful state where you relax and drift off to slumber. Fall Asleep should help you shut down the noisiness in your head and calm the static that keeps you from fully surrendering to sleep. With regular use, you should find yourself drifting off to sleep more easily and in a matter of minutes, leading to a longer, deeper, more satisfying night of sleep – without the drowsiness and hangover associated with other sleep remedies.

What Is Stay Asleep

The RestoreZ sleep aid to stay asleep naturally is designed for people, who, like me, wake up in the middle of the night, either because you need to go to the bathroom or more annoyingly, for no reason whatsoever! For the longest time, I’d been waking up every night, usually around 3:00 am. Most of the time, I’d roll over to look at the clock and then fall right back to sleep, and other nights I’d be able to fall asleep after ten minutes or lay there awake for as much as an hour, and then there are those nights my body would just say, “NOPE! Time to wake up!” RestoreZ Stay Asleep has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I still wake up and still sometimes get out of bed to go to the bathroom, but now I can fall back to sleep and get the restorative, restful sleep I need. We formulated Stay Asleep sleeping pills to help gently guide your circadian rhythm away from that late-night cycle of wakefulness, which may have served some usefulness when our ancestors slept around fires and lived in caves, but now our modern lifestyles have made obsolete. There is little chance in my suburban Florida home that I or my loved ones will be eaten by predators while we sleep! Stay Asleep used regularly, is helping me to overcome that biological spike of wakefulness in the middle of the night, so that I can be my most effective in the morning.

What Is Deep Asleep

RestoreZ Deep Asleep is a line of natural sleep aid formulas for people who have trouble feeling fully rested when they wake up. Everyone has had a night like this… you get into bed with plenty of time to get a full night of sleep, and you wake up thinking that you have successfully slept all night, but instead you wake up feeling cranky and forgetful and still tired. I have friends who feel like this every morning. There are lots of reasons that someone might get plenty of sleep and still not feel rested, but the primary reason is that their sleep is being disrupted. Maybe the disruption is momentary, over and over during the night, such that they never get enough of the truly restful deep REM sleep humans need to perform optimally. There are a lot of reasons for these kinds of sleep interruptions, from being awakened during the night due to parenting or to a partner who snores… the truth is, it doesn’t matter why your sleep is disrupted, what matters is that the disruption is hurting your quality of sleep. Deep Asleep sleeping pills are formulated to support healthy REM sleep by strengthening your circadian wave so that you are less disturbed by external stimulus while sleeping, even with all the disturbances you might have in bed with you. By getting deeper REM sleep, you’ll wake feeling more rested and better able to face the day ahead. My friends who have tried Deep Asleep tell me that they are now waking up feeling rested and less cranky now that they get the restorative sleep they were looking for, and that’s good enough for me!

What Is Power Nap

There are two things you need to know about the Power Nap supplement. First, EVERYONE has a natural dip in their circadian wave in the early afternoon. Our anthropological ancestors were biphasic in their sleep patterns, meaning they had two separate periods of extended sleep every single day (I’m honestly jealous about this). As a result, it is natural and biologically ingrained to feel a little sleepy in the afternoon. Second, all the research out there supports the idea that naps are good for you, and that even taking 10-20 minutes to relax and meditate or just closing your eyes in the afternoon, can help you feel refreshed and invigorated so that you can finish up your daily tasks without relying on caffeine or sugar to get you through the afternoon dip. We all know that feeling of lying in bed unable to sleep because you gave in to the need for a latte at 3:30! Power Nap takes your natural need for a respite in the afternoon and supports it so that even a few minutes of peace and quiet will have the same restorative feeling of a much longer nap. Think of Power Nap as your nap in a bottle. Whether you have time for a full afternoon snooze or just a few minutes to close your office door and re-group, Power Nap will make your afternoon reset more restorative. Learn More About RestoreZ Natural Sleep Aids I look forward to sharing more information about other questions I get asked about our RestoreZ products such as, does sleep help our health, what is the right dose, what is the timing and what other things can I do to make RestoreZ more effective. Until then, if you’ve got questions for me, feel free to email me at I love hearing from you! MM