My Missing Link Was Quality Sleep!

My Missing Link Was Quality Sleep!

Which RestoreZ product did you select to get quality sleep?

Stay Asleep. Deep Asleep.

Your interests:

Health Wellness. Natural Living. Work & Career. Sports.

Give an introduction about your experience.

RestoreZ has provided a deeply valued missing link to daily wellness! I take both "Deep Asleep" and "Stay Asleep" products. I have found that the quality of my sleep, mental focus throughout the day, and energy level during early morning exercise (running + yoga) is much improved. I am a huge fan & look forward to trying new products as they come out.

How did you feel before taking RestoreZ?

I had never thought of myself as having a "sleep problem" but it had been years since I had regular, quality sleep. As a mom & professional my schedule involves frequent travel & urgent deadlines. So, my sleep routine is often a "moving target." Since becoming a mom (19 years ago) I have taken my computer to bed & pushed myself to stay up a bit longer to finish one more item. Most nights I wake up between 1 and 3 AM with my mind racing. I keep a journal & my computer next to the bed so I can capture good ideas & go back to sleep.

What were the results after taking RestoreZ supplements?

RestoreZ has dramatically improved the quality of my sleep! I am now sleeping soundly throughout the night and getting a regular 7-8 hours of sleep per night. I started with the "Deep Asleep" product. Almost immediately I noticed that i was sleeping more soundly. As my body adjusted to better sleep, I started feeling less stressed and more productive during the day. After a few days, i looked in the mirror and noticed that the circles & bags under my eyes had mostly disappeared. Some nights i slept soundly until morning and some nights I still woke up lightly between 1-3 (but found it easy to drift back to sleep without the need to get up or journal.) I was curious to try "Stay Asleep" and learned that you could take 1 of each product. For me, this has been the optimal combination (I take 1 Deep Asleep and 1 Stay Asleep supplement each night.) It has been eye-opening to see what a huge impact a good night's sleep had in all areas of my life!

What few things have you learned or can share that would really help other people?

I did not realize the relationship between sleep and blood sugar level. With a family history of diabetes, I have tried to adopt all aspects of the recommended diet & exercise. Last January I was diagnosed with a high blood sugar level. As someone who exercises daily & eats a very low sugar diet, I had no idea what else I could adjust. A good friend lent me a book which pointed to the importance of sleep - Wow! what a gift to discover the missing link of quality sleep in all aspects of my life.
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