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Tips for Creating More Energy Capacity

Tips for Creating More Energy Capacity

Beware the Energy Vampires—they will suck you dry!

You may not have heard of an “Energy Vampire,” but chances are, you have experienced one–or many! An energy vampire is something (or someone) that drains your energy and prevents you from being your best self at work, at home, or both. When I work with clients on maximizing their energy capacity, we’ll often sit and take stock of my client’s life and define the different areas where Energy Vampires lurk. Just like there are four different dimensions of energy (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), there are energy vampires in each of these dimensions as well.

Review the following types of energy vampires and think about the areas where you are being affected. Identifying the energy sappers is the first step in stopping their draining effect.


  • Physically. Sleep deprivation, overindulgence in food or alcohol, lack of nutrients and water, over-exercising…these all cause a drop in physical energy that makes it very challenging to focus, communicate, think and plan.
  • Emotionally. People–whether a horrible boss, needy friend, challenging child, or unsupportive spouse–contribute to a negative drain on our emotional energy, leaving us at best “wiped out,” and at worst, angry, upset or depressed.
  • Mentally. Long to-do lists, a jam-packed schedule, and a lack of mental downtime create an inefficient system.
  • Spiritually. Constantly performing at top speeds, always “putting out fires” and managing multiple projects and people at once contribute to a feeling of “what is this all for?” Spiritual energy vampires leave us with an inability to connect to what is important. We go on autopilot without a purpose.

Once you identify the areas where the energy vampires are draining us, the next step is to DO something about it!


  1. Fix the energy drains that YOU have control over. Sleep deprivation and not drinking enough water are good examples of energy drains that you can fix.
  2. Change your response. For energy vampires that you don’t have control over, such as a terrible boss or challenging child, consider how you can change your response to these people or situations. How can you react differently so that you maintain control and minimize the drain on your energy?
  3. Use tools to expand your energy. Oh, how I wish there were a Mophie® charger for our personal energy! While there are no “quick fixes,” there are things you can do to create more energy capacity. These tools include sleep, meditation, journaling, breathing exercises, laughter (yes, it’s true!) and gratitude exercises.
  4. Create clarity of purpose. Find a quiet place in which to sit and truly think about what is important in your life. Consider who and what matter the most and direct your energy towards these people and goals. Having a purpose-driven life where we direct our energy towards a goal, rather than constantly reacting to our environment, can change our perspective and allows us to create and use our energy to achieve a goal of our choosing.

Energy is what allows us to exist, to think, to create and to love. It’s ours to generate, and to use. With greater awareness, you can lead a purpose-driven life, increase your energy capacity, and create more time and space for things and people that matter most. It’s YOUR energy, use it wisely!

Written by Jenn Lea for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to