How it Works

Sleep Matters

We’ve all likely been given the same wake-up call at some point in our lives. Sleep matters. In fact, if you get more of the right kind of sleep your health, mental clarity and overall daily function improves significantly.

Sounds simple, right? Except that it’s not. In fact, one in three Americans do not get the recommended amount of sleep each night. So, what’s the problem?

Timing is Everything

Recent scientific studies have proven that the key to your vitality and wellbeing is getting your circadian rhythm—or the waking and sleeping patterns we follow on a daily basis—back into sync. Easy for science to say since we know that stress, poor eating habits, lack of exercise and quite simply, the challenges of everyday life can often get in the way.

So, what’s a sleepless person to do?

With help from RestoreZ, it’s possible to fall asleep, stay asleep and get quality deep sleep that enables your body to naturally re-sync and restore all of your bodily functions. In return, a well-running circadian rhythm can help regulate your body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, immunity, heart function and fat-burning capabilities, just to name a few.**

RestoreZ is Different

RestoreZ is unlike any other sleep aid on the market today. RestoreZ is not a sleeping pill that simply knocks you out nor is it a one-size-fits-all type of medication. Instead, RestoreZ works to:

Address your unique sleep concerns

Each individual formula is customized with natural ingredients that target your individual needs.

Feed your body

A patented formula of natural ingredients gives your body the nutrients it needs to achieve full, healthy, regenerative and restorative sleep.

Regulate your circadian rhythm

Instead of knocking you out like other products on the market today, RestoreZ helps get your natural circadian rhythm back in sync.

Results Are Immediate

While results will vary per individual, if you follow the recommended dosage you should see significant changes each week in your mental alertness during the day and restorative sleep at night.

A better night’s sleep with improved feelings of wellness and increased capacity to adapt to stress.**

Better sleep regularity with improved coping skills and an increase in mental alertness.**

Deeper more productive sleep with feelings of being rested upon waking, improved memory and physical performance. Overall, a general feeling of being well-rested and restored.**

A deeper more profound sleep with increased immunity, better control over cravings, and an even greater ability to adapt and respond to stress.**

Generally, you will continue to see improvements in how you feel and your body will begin responding in its own unique way. As you keep your circadian rhythm in sync you will be less susceptible to desynchronization again when life events such as travel, late nights, changes in your eating habits, sickness, medication, and stress occur.**

RestoreZ How It Works


The Science Behind RestoreZ

We geek out on the science part so you might too.

If you’re like us you might want to learn more about the science behind RestoreZ and your circadian rhythm and really understand why it works the way it does. To start, every ingredient was chosen and every formulation was developed because of scientific research on how our internal clocks function. Most of us are aware that we have an internal body clock, which responds to lightness and darkness and governs our sleep and wake cycles. Science refers to this as our master clock. Our master clock is in our brain and has a more formal name, the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus.

Did you also know that every cell in every tissue and organ in your body has its own molecular clock, separate from the master clock? Good sleep and ideal health rely on these molecular clocks being synchronized by the master clock.

It’s this circadian synchronization that results in our overall wellbeing and optimal health and coordinates the body’s various functions. Circadian rhythm is the rhythmic manifestation of our body’s physiological processes, and it is these rhythms that determines when we sleep and when we wake.

Circadian rhythm and synchronization influences so much more than sleep. When all of our body’s processes are working together instead of against each other, healthy body weight and cardiovascular and mental function are optimized.