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Our Story

The Timing was Right for Us

When we set out to change the way people thought about wakefulness and sleep we knew we had to focus on the science behind the why. We also knew we’d have to dispel the myths brought to life by most of the products on the market today—that sleep problems could be resolved by taking a pill that simply knocked you out. We were frustrated by the unscientific, unnatural and unproven focus of chasing sleep. It was maddening!

Our story started out like many. We were high-level executives looking for something different.
A different way to look at science.
A different way to build a company.
A different way to improve lives and impact health.
We spent our careers working side-by-side with the best in the industry inside the largest vitamin brands.
We learned, we grew and we were inspired.

We knew we wanted to do things differently. We wanted to bring groundbreaking innovation to market at groundbreaking speed. And we wanted to do it with authenticity, honesty and passion.

So, we joined forces and with our shared vision of educating the world on how our internal clocks rule our everyday lives and physical well beings, Savant Science was born.

We’re here to change how you perceive sleep and the science behind how to get better, deeper and more restorative sleep by bringing to the forefront the importance of our circadian rhythms. And, we’re here to do it safely and naturally.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mary Marbach

Jennifer Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Scientific Officer

Don’t let this photo fool you, Mary was born to help you with your sleep problems. A natural leader, Mary’s focus is on finding safe and proven solutions for circadian balance.

We like to think Jennifer’s fascination with plants and herbs started here. Finding the right natural blend to help the world sleep better came a little later.