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Reset Circadian Rhythm for Sleep

A Better Sleep Supplement

Reset circadian rhythm for sleep - don't knock yourself out! Pills that are designed to “make” us fall asleep dominate our sleep aid choices, but these products that try to force sleep can also cause further disruption to our circadian rhythm instead of restoring it. That is why side effects like sleepwalking, sleep eating, and feeling a “sleep hangover” in the morning are common. We sleep, but we don’t feel rested.

RestoreZ is a different kind of sleep product—in fact, it is a circadian rhythm product that influences sleep. It is designed to start helping you ease into sleep during the first week, but also help you resynchronize, enhance, and fix your circadian rhythm over the long term. Learn how to get a better sleep with RestoreZ!


The Natural Sleep Process

We erroneously think of sleep as something we do when we hop into bed and close our eyes. In reality, your body needs to start preparing to retire about 60 minutes before sleep and then preparing to rise about 90 minutes before waking. When you don’t skip these preparatory phases before sleep, you should fall asleep more naturally and wake up more refreshed. RestoreZ is designed to naturally support your circadian rhythm, making these phases a part of your sleep cycle once again.

RestoreZ is Different

RestoreZ is unlike any other sleep aid on the market today. RestoreZ is not a sleeping pill that simply knocks you out nor is it a one-size-fits-all type of medication. Instead, RestoreZ helps fix your circadian rhythm to:

Address your unique sleep concerns

Each individual formula is customized with natural ingredients that target your individual needs.

Feed your body

A patented formula of natural ingredients gives your body the nutrients it needs to achieve full, healthy, regenerative and restorative sleep.

Regulate your circadian rhythm

Instead of knocking you out like other products on the market today, RestoreZ helps get your natural circadian rhythm back in sync.

What to Expect

Here is what to expect when you embark upon your RestoreZ journey to real sleep, restored circadian function, and better health.

A better night’s sleep with improved feelings of wellness and increased capacity to adapt to stress. You should feel less “edgy” at night. Better sleep regularity with improved coping skills and an increase in mental alertness. You should feel tired and alert at appropriate times of day as your circadian rhythm is restored and reinforced. Deeper, more productive sleep with feelings of being rested upon waking and improved memory and physical performance. Overall, a general feeling of being well-rested and restored. A deeper, more profound sleep with a stronger immune system, better control over cravings, and an even greater ability to adapt and respond to stress. Generally, after fixing your circadian rhythm, you will continue to see improvements in how you feel, and your body will begin responding in its own unique way. As you keep your circadian rhythm in sync, you will be less susceptible to desynchronization when life events such as travel, late nights, changes in your eating habits, sickness, taking medication, and stress occur. Keep taking your RestoreZ to fight off all the things that can have a negative impact on your circadian rhythm.