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Zembrin for Sleep

What Is Zembrin

Zembrin for sleep is a new, patented botanical ingredient derived from the Sceletium tortuosum herb. It has more than 300 years of documented indigenous use. 

Historic and Ancient Usage of Zembrin for Sleep

Sceletiumis a succulent shrub belonging to the ice plant family. The San and Khoi people from South Africa are known to have used Sceletium prior to attempting great physical feats to subdue their hunger and thirst and improve mental and physical stamina.  It was also traditionally used to relieve pain and elevate moods.

How It Works:

Stress hormone secretion is an important timing signal for the coordination of the various circadian clocks found inside tissues throughout our bodies. The connection between our circadian system and stress response is well characterized. As our stress responsiveness varies over the course of the day, it directly affects the regulation of our circadian clock. Sceletium helps to offset the negative effects of stress and protects our brain and circadian rhythm from the harmful effects of stress. Sceletium appears to stimulate the release of serotonin in the brain. In modern times, Zembrin works to reduce stress and promote healthy sleep.

Why It Matters:

Stress causes circadian rhythm disruption and, in return, circadian rhythm dysfunction itself may also be a stressor. The adrenal gland produces glucocorticoids (GC) including the stress hormones, like cortisol and catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine). These hormones hold a special role in circadian function. The adrenal circadian clock can influence rhythms in other peripheral tissues via their rhythmic release of hormones with clock-modulating properties. Cortisol and corticosterone display a very robust circadian oscillation with blood levels peaking shortly before early morning. Over 100 rhythmic genes oscillate directly with adrenal signals. On top of their phase-shifting ability, GCs can stabilize peripheral rhythms against desynchronization.

Scientists have already discovered that the timing of food, along with other stressors, can uncouple the mini, tissue-specific clocks from the master clock in our brain, the result is that no one is conducting the symphony. The circadian system is more robust against such distresses when GCs are high.

Zembrin® is:

  • Dairy free
  • Soy free
  • Egg free
  • Made without Gluten
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Self-affirmed GRAS
  • Ecologically sustainable

Science Proves It:

Stress is well known to negatively impact sleep and cognitive function. Sceletium tortuosum

has been shown in clinical studies to be fast-acting and to improve cognitive function.  Specifically, subjects demonstrated more cognitive flexibility (the ability to “think on your feet”) and improved executive function. A functional MRI study showed that Zembrin® has an effect on the part of the brain that responds to a threat or stress. This makes Zembrin® ideal for all working adults – from students to executives, to busy mothers. Two clinical trials demonstrate safety and efficacy in humans.

Obsessive thinkers can benefit a lot through Sceletium as it calms down the thought process and enables clear expression of thought, speech and emotion.