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You Deserve Better, More Restorative Sleep.

When you sleep better, you wake up better and everything is better.

Find Your Tailored Sleep Supplements

RestoreZ will help you reset your internal clock, so you get better sleep at night and have more energy during the day.

Circadian Rhythm Affects Your Whole Body

Your circadian rhythm and sleep quality impact almost every aspect of your life.


Circadian rhythm is most famous
for coordinating our sleep and waking times.  It also determines the kind of sleep we will have.  Deep and restorative sleep comes from a strong and synchronized circadian rhythm.


Your circadian rhythm influences how you learn, remember, and retrieve information. Sleep quantity and quality have a profound effect on memory, mood, mental acuity, and executive decision-making skills.


Biological rhythms influence
daily food intake, hunger cues, feelings of satiety, the intensity of cravings and the efficiency of our digestive processes. Studies show that people who routinely get poor sleep are more likely to have a higher percent body fat, an increased risk of obesity, and are less likely to lose weight while dieting.


One of the most important
functions of sleep is to create down time for the body to repair and regenerate.  There is a symphony of activity inside our bodies when we sleep that has far-reaching affects on our health. Every part of this symphony of activity is coordinated by our circadian rhythm.


Scientific research proves that
sleep has a profound impact on your immune system’s ability to respond and adapt to challenges.  Sleep deprivation has been shown to decrease our natural immune response, thereby leaving us more vulnerable.


Our circadian rhythm plays an
important role in regulating many other body functions including blood sugar
levels, liver activity, insulin release and fat storage.  When these functions are not synchronized our metabolism is sluggish and our energy levels are low.

Natural Sleep Supplements

RestoreZ resets your circadian rhythm naturally by nourishing your body at the cellular level.

Deep, Restorative Sleep

No Morning Grogginess

Natural and Drug-Free

Sleep as Nature Intended

RestoreZ uses ingredients found in nature and clinically studied to restore your natural ability to sleep.

  • ETAS™
  • Zembrin®
  • Curry Tree Leaf
  • Ashwagandha
  • Citrus PMFs
  • Black Turmeric Extract

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