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How Sleep Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

How Sleep Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

As another year comes to a close, many of us choose to make New Year’s resolutions. The New Year is seen as a fresh start, motivating people to achieve a new set of goals, do something different, make little daily changes to their routine, or improve their lives in general. Unfortunately, research shows that most of us slip back into our old habits justsix weeks into the New Year. Why? Sometimes we overthink, wear ourselves out, and lose focus. However, there is a way to keep yourself committed to your goals: sleep. Read on to learn why.

Sleep helps you eat healthier

We all tend to indulge (and overindulge) during the holiday season. Holiday parties, family gatherings, and end-of-year work stress can easily throw your healthy diet off track. Cold weather can make us crave hearty and filling foods that aren’t so great for our health, even if they taste delicious. In addition to meal prep and limiting your cheat meals, getting better sleep can help you stick to your “eat healthier” resolution. Why? Because poor sleep quality can actuallycause you to overeat, which can lead to weight gain. When you’re sleep-deprived, your body’s hunger-regulating hormones are also affected, meaning you feel hungrier even if you’re not. If you’re seeking willpower to eat healthier, try to get seven to nine hours of quality sleep a night.

Sleep can help you get fit

Can’t seem to stick to your new workout routine? If you’re feeling too groggy and fatigued to workout, lack of sleep might be the culprit. When you get enough sleep, you tend to perform better at physical activities and have higher energy levels. In fact, a study found that athletes had better sprint times, longer endurance, lower heart rate, and anoverall improved workout… just from getting more quality sleep. Plus, your body needs to get good rest in order to repair and build muscle — and this happens most often during sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body can’t recover as well as it should.

Sleep can help you learn a new skill or hobby

Many people resolve to work on a new skill or discover a new hobby in the New Year. Cooking, learning a second language, coding, photography: the possibilities are endless. Whatever you choose to learn will take focus, learning, and practice. And sleep is essential for doing those things well. Better sleep improves your concentration, helps your brainstore memories, and improves your physical coordination.

Sleep helps you make better money decisions

Another popular resolution is to save more and spend less money. There are many ways to do so, including tracking your expenses with an app and sticking to a budget. However, it also helps to consider your spending habits. Thinking about your reasons for spending can help you pinpoint an underlying issue. Do you typically splurge when browsing online stores late at night? Do you buy things when you’re feeling gloomy? Getting better sleep may help youmake better decisions and regulate your moods. This leads to more balanced decisions when it comes to money, and fewer “treat yourself” moments when you’re having a bad day.

Sleep reduces stress

Read more books. Travel more often. Meditate, relax, and of course, get more sleep. These are common forms of self-care that can reduce your levels of stress. Quality sleep can boost your focus, improve your mindfulness, and generally make you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. All of this can make it easier for you to fit your resolutions into your schedule, navigate unexpected events that inevitably come up, and just feel good about what you’re accomplishing.

Make this year your best year

It’s clear that getting regular quality sleep can affect your diet, habits, health, and mood. If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution, odds are you’ll want to be at your best to help you meet them. But what if you have trouble sleeping, or can’t seem to wake up feeling rested? If you need help working through sleep issues so you can be at your best this year, RestoreZ can help. We’ve created a line of natural supplements that supports your body’s circadian rhythm. When your internal clock is off-balance, so is your ability to accomplish your goals. That’s why our supplements are formulated to align with your circadian rhythm so you feel rested, recharged, and ready to meet your goals.Learn more about how RestoreZ canhelp you sleep now. And for a limited time, RestoreZ is offering 10% off all products to help you crush your 2020 resolutions. Use coupon code RESOLUTION to get 10% off your order today!