Dec 31, 2019

How Sleep Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

As another year comes to a close, many of us choose to make New Year’s resolutions. The New Year is seen as a fresh start, motivating people to achieve a new set of goals, do something different, make little daily changes to their routine, or improve their lives in general. Unfortunately, research shows that most…

Dec 13, 2019

How Better Sleep Can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

The days are short and the weather is overcast and chilly: winter is here. Thanks to the dreary weather and darkness that creeps in early, it’s normal to experience a change in mood in December, January, and February. Add in the stress of the holidays and the winter blues can take a toll on your…

Dec 6, 2019

What is Restorative Sleep?

It is widely known that sleep is vital to health and well-being, and yet remains one of the great undiscovered realms of scientific research. Sleep’s universal importance is demonstrated by the fact that even the most simple multicellular organisms sleep. But what is sleep? More importantly, what is restorative sleep? The very definition of sleep, “a diminished…

Nov 26, 2019

The Best Sleep Quality Trackers for 2020

Fitness trackers and wearable heart rate monitors have exploded in popularity over the years. But did you know that many trackers can also shed light on your quality of sleep?  The features on the best sleep trackers (2020) vary, but most of them share common capabilities. Many will track sleep quality by noting when you…

Oct 30, 2019

OTC, Prescription, and Natural Sleep Aids: A Comparison

If you’ve struggled to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up feeling rested, odds are you’ve considered trying a sleep aid. But like any good consumer, you want to do your research first. To help you make a more educated decision, let’s discuss the differences in over-the-counter (OTC), prescription, and natural sleep aids.  OTC sleep…

Oct 28, 2019

Daylight Saving Tips for Parents (Cuz Toddlers Don't Care to Save Time)

Daylight Saving Tips for Parents Daylight Saving Time is one of the most dreaded times of the year, alongside those in-law visits and dental cleanings. You’ve got your family’s nighttime routine down, everyone is getting at least some sleep, and on good nights – you even get a couple of hours to yourself. And then…

Oct 22, 2019

Sleep Aid Comparison: RestoreZ vs. CBD for Sleep

RestoreZ vs. CBD Oil for Sleep Everywhere you turn, it seems like someone is talking about CBD oil for sleep.  Over the last 5 years, sales in all their forms have increased 800% and about 1 in 7 people now use cannabinoids for a variety of ailments — everything from anxiety and chronic pain to sleep. With millions of…

Oct 22, 2019

Natural Sleep Aid Comparison: RestoreZ vs. Melatonin for Sleep

An estimated 10 to 30% of American adults struggle to get to high-quality sleep. Tossing and turning isn’t fun for anyone, which is why many people seek natural sleep aids to fall asleep. For more than 3 million Americans, that solution is melatonin. Melatonin for sleep Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that signals to your body…

Oct 22, 2019

Why Do I Get a Sleeping Pill Hangover?

Why Do I Feel So Terrible after Taking a Sleep Aid? If you’ve ever struggled with a sleep disorder, you have likely tried an over-the-counter (OTC) sleep medication and woke up with the dreaded sleeping pill hangover. From meditation tracks to white noise machines, warm baths to sleepy-time tea, there are plenty of tools designed…

Oct 22, 2019

Why You Keep Waking Up at 3 a.m. and What to Do About It

Why Am I Awake at 3 in the Morning? If you drank two pots of coffee right before bed and then find yourself lying awake at 3 a.m., there’s a good bet the caffeine is to blame. But if you keep waking up at 3 a.m. again and again – even when there’s no coffee…

Oct 9, 2018

How Sleep Affects Mental Health

Sleep issues and mental health often go hand-in-hand. When we heard that tomorrow is World Mental Health Day, we knew we wanted to join in on the conversation about this important topic and the connection to our circadian rhythm. For many, it’s a chicken or egg discussion. Does sleep deprivation cause mental health issues or…

Sep 11, 2018

The Benefits of Napping: Are Naps Worth It?

The Benefits of Napping We all have those friends who have fully realized the benefits of napping. They’ll take any chance they can (especially on the weekends) to grab a few zzz’s mid-afternoon. Should we be jealous and try to emulate our siesta-driven friends or be thankful we have extra time for productivity? We decided…
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